Effective Email Marketing With The Assistance of A SEO Company

Whether you’re starting out on the web or you have been online for some time, there’s no doubt that email marketing is one of the many ways that you can engage users. Millions of people sign up for email newsletters, subscribe to RSS feeds, and do a lot more for the exchange of an email. If you have run into this option and you have a list that you want to market to, don’t just send across emails. In fact, make sure that you hire a SEO Company to not only help you develop a good strategy to get people to sign up for your newsletters, but to also increase the reach of your overall site. When you figure out the right elements to move forward, you will get yourself the widest audience and one that will be 100% targeted for your overall success. Whether you’re looking at sending out your blog posts, updates, or a newsletter to all your list, you will find that a professional company offers you a better opportunity to reach the masses, and it starts with looking into the following effective steps that they will afford you.

The Traffic Driven Website-

Do you want traffic? Not just a lot of hits, but do you want to get targeted views to everything that you are doing on the web? That can be done with more than just search engine optimization. If you focus on hiring the right SEO Company, they will take your list and will create an interesting protocol that will send upwards of tens of thousands of hits to your site. They will come from your email list guaranteed. That’s right, your email list can drive an unlimited amount of traffic, if you utilize it in the correct manner. The quality of visitors will rise, the bounce rate will drop, and you will see why so many are looking at this in a good light.

Consistent traffic that is outside SEO Companyof the framework of internet searches, thrives on the fact that you need to have an email list. It’s that simple. If you have an email list created that has thousands of visitors, your traffic will consistently hit your site over and over again, without the worry of keyword driven search results. That’s what a good professional will tell you, as they will tell you how to work within the world of email and blogging or newsletters as a whole.

The Commenting Factor-

Blogs thrive when they engage users to comment. Comments don’t just show up without a bit of a nudge. Statistics have shown that if you have a good email list, and you market correctly, your engagement protocol will rise to all new heights. Imagine posting a blog update and having a call to action at the bottom of the page, which then gets sent to emails. That will hit people where they are, and will not rely on them to make the first move. When you make the first move, you get a visceral response and that means commenting will jump. In fact, you could see growth of engagement that is compelling on all levels. Imagine going from no comments to hundreds, mainly based on the strength of your email list. This is not a new kind of story, it’s one of the major benefits that comes with the work that you can get with a good SEO Company.

Social Media Sharing Thrives Through Email Marketing-

If you’re sending information via email to people, and you include “share” buttons within the body of the email, you will be surprised with how many people will click on those icons. People have a connection with social media that becomes cemented when you allow them to engage their own audience. You may not get this without including a link to their favorite social media site, and that’s one of the aspects that you’ll find is compelling when working with email marketing. You may not know how to follow the right code structure to get engagement, but a good professional search engine optimization company will, and that’s where you will see a huge jump in your shares. When your posts are getting consistently shared, you will receive traffic from yet another source.

Email Marketing and Revenue Generation-

Regardless of what type of website you have, allowing a SEO Company to drive your email marketing will help you monetize your site and get far more help with sales. Whether you’re working on affiliate networking, or you have an ecommerce solution, email networking is one of the sure fire ways to engage users where they will respond, and share your information across several different social media websites. Imagine the greatness that comes from the revenue that will come as a result of engaging users where they will actually see the information you have to offer them. Strike lightning once or twice, and you’ll see a whirlwind of engagement come straight at you.

Email Is Content-

One last note that you should remember is that email is a form of content marketing. There are 15 types that you can work within under the banner of SEO and while this may not hit hard within the world of search engine results, it can drive enough targeted traffic to compensate for lapses in ranking.

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Choosing a Good Golf Shirt

We live in a modern world saturated with retailers and tons of choices. It is hard to make a mark on this world. It has also been increasingly hard to come up with a new idea and choose what is best. Fortunately, assessing and choosing good golf shirts doesn’t need a deep plunge into modern physics.

Who are you and how do you play? In addition to that, take into consideration the geographical location of the country club. It could be battered with cold and harsh weather from time to time and scorch so intensely in summer, or it could be cool all year-long. Your country club might be located near the equator where it is typically warmer or maybe you live in a tropical country where it drizzles around June and rains hard in certain months like July, August and September. Next get to know yourself better when it comes to golf. You could be a novice or a professional. You could be an affluent businessman or mogul who engages leisurely on playing golf in probably different country clubs all over the world during business trips or vacations. Probably you are a student who plays golf as a hobby. Are you after luxury or fashion, sense and technology? Aside from golf shirts take note if you are left-handed or right-handed when buying golf equipments.

Now that your golf course’ location and your preference somehow assessed, it’s time to get familiar with the available clothing and clothing technology for golf shirts today. The priority of clothing makers is the player’s comfort. Golf, as tedious and monotonous it may look to non-players, is an active sport. In the early times, men wore tweed jackets to protect them from the cold, harsh surroundings of golf courses. Now tweed jackets are relatively heavy and are not conducive to a powerful shoulder turn because the sleeves and the overall fabric and material are stiff and restrictive. Men used to play golf wearing neckties, too. From then on, tweed jackets were abandoned in favor of sweaters and knit cardigans, leaning more and more towards comfort and function. Women on the other hand, used to play golf with long sleeve blouse and long, wide skirts that were almost ankle-length. Their clubs get caught on their long skirts, and their sleeves like tweed jackets were stiff and restrictive.

ga-4So what makes a good golf shirt? Golf shirts should provide the player total, unrestricted range of motion. Wearing the proper golf shirt rather than just the usual everyday cotton shirt will offer the player a better stretch and better moisture management. A good golf shirt is breathable, allowing fresh air to flow freely through it thus cooling down the body therefore providing good moisture management, making the sweat-drenched shirt lighter by promoting speedier evaporation. But in some cases, players want to conserve their own body heat. Due to advanced textile technologies, it is possible for special golf shirts to have different layers especially those designed for cold climates. One layer absorbs sweat and moisture, another lets the moisture evaporate and the last layer prevents wind from getting into the shirt.

It may sound unnecessary to some but more and more golf shirts especially polo shirts for men and women are having a built-in UV protection. Polo shirts are usually made out of polyester but all-cotton polo shirts are still available. Women’s modern golf attire includes a polo shirt, skirt or shorts. One word of advice: golf shirts like the rest of the apparel are not cheap. They’re an investment that allows you to stay comfortable while playing golf.


The printed circuit board and its types

The printed circuit board can be found in almost all types of electronics and gadgets produced. It is used to connect electrical components and also mechanically support the wirings and other connections to keep them in place and avoid short circuit. Each board in an electronic device would serve different functions. Some would be in charge of the battery operation while the others would be for the keypad of the device. There are experts who specialize in PCB fabrication so that manufacturers do not have to manually organize and solder each part of the circuit board. Usually, a search on the internet would result in multiple websites of businesses which offer PCB fabrication.

A printed circuit board would usually use a non-conductive substrate such as silicon or silicon dioxide and laminate copper sheets onto it. Most PCBs are multi-layer but it can also be single sided or double sided; these terms refer to the number of copper layers which are laminated on the substrate. Once the layer is laminated on the substrate, the conductive pads and tracks would then be etched on the layers of copper sheets. Visa is made to connect the copper layers together.

Visa is made up of two pads which are drilled through the board to electrically connect the layers. Through PCB fabrication, the hole is plated through to make it conductive. There are different types of visa such as blind via and buried via. Their only difference would be the location of the hole, but it still has the same purpose.                  cirpcb

There are basically three types of printed circuit boards and each one is used for a different purpose. They are differentiated by the number of the copper layers used.

The first type is the single sided board. This is the easiest to manufacture since it is the least complex. The single sided printed circuit board has been around since the early 1960’s and is still being manufactured up to now. Before the invention of the computer, PCB fabrication was done manually by the experts but because of advanced technology, most circuit boards are now made through the aid of the computer. The single sided board means that all the electrical components such as resistors and capacitors are located on one side only.The other side would then have the copper traces. The single sided board is used for electronics such as timing circuits, LED lighting, industrial and automotive relays and sensor products.

The most common type of printed circuit board is the double sided board. In this setup, both electrical components and other parts are located to both sides of the copper layers. It is noticeable that the visa is mostly made using through-hole assembly. The double sided board is usually used for more complex electronics because they require more electrical components to be connected to each other.

The third type of PCB is the multi layered board. Assembling this type of board requires expert skills because it includes multiple layers of copper layers which are connected one by one. Most engineers use insulation to keep the layers from overheating and sticking to each other. Making a multi layered printed circuit board usually requires the assistance of a computer to design and put together.

The most important aspects of building a printed circuit board is the layout and the design of the circuit itself. This is why it is important to mention specifications to the person who will be making the circuit board for you. When looking for a company to produce a board for you, make sure that they do not mass produce boards. This would ensure the quality and effectiveness of each board you will order.


Make Your Own Silicon Bracelets

Silicon bracelets have been one of the most profitable trends nowadays. You can see most everyone wearing it anywhere and anytime. In fact, you may have at least one or two silicon bracelets in your possession right now. It is not surprising anymore because silicon bracelets have a lot of uses and advantages. One can use it for advertising his business; in promoting one’s advocacies, thus giving away bracelets for awareness, and; for health purposes. These bracelets serve many functions than just being accessories that will add spice and colour to the everyday look and outfit. It has become one of those things that you would want to have because of its aesthetic aspect.

If you want to have these very trendy and useful items but you do not want to purchase it from any shop, then surely, you can make them on your own. One of the best things in making your own things is that you have the freedom and liberty to decide on how you would want your silicon bracelets to look like. You could even decide on what messages or slogans to put, you could decide on the colour combination and on the size and shape of the designs. In addition, making your own bracelets could actually develop your imagination, creativity, and resourcefulness. Moreover, making your own bracelets is also cheaper because you are not paying for the labour anymore.


There are many reasons as to why you should try making your own bracelets. Those mentioned above could convince you in taking a chance. To help you out, here are the ways on how to make your own fabulous bracelets.

-First, measure the length of your wrist using a flexible measuring tape and add ½ inch to the length so that your bracelet would not be too tight. Note that very tight bracelets could interfere with blood circulation.

-After measuring your bracelet length, place the silicon sheet on a flat surface and trace the length using a ruler. Make sure that the lines are clear so that you will not have difficulty in cutting it later.

-Use sharp scissors in cutting to avoid jagged edges.

-When you are done cutting, you can now put sayings, your name, or anything that you would want to put in the cut silicon sheet. Express yourself and your thoughts in everything that you put in there. You could use permanent markers in doing so. Just do not write or put anything in the ½ inch added length because it would serve as the closure part of your bracelet.

-After designing your silicon sheet, you can now glue one side of the ½ inch end of the bracelet. Remember to put the adhesive on one side of the bracelet only. Or, you could also use buttons in doing this. If you are using adhesive, press both ends for at least 3 minutes so that they would stick together with the proper drying time.

Now that you already know the ways on how to make your own silicon bracelets, you can make more of these accessories and give them to your friends as your token of friendship, to your family as your way of saying thanks because they have always been there for you, or to your teachers as a simple thank you as well. Or maybe you could make two matching bracelets so that you and your special someone could have it as a couple bracelets. When you get the hang of making these bracelets, you might want to think about turning it into your own home business. You could use your different designs to start your own small business and sell your homemade bracelets. Who knows, this bracelet business might make you the next self-made millionaire.


How to Clean Stained Embroidered Patches

Well weaved embroidered patches can last for many years and still retain its shape and color provided that it was made with high quality tread and fabric. Some families even use this patches to decorate not just clothes and other fabrics but as ornamentals in the home as well. There are some patches that might have been in your family for generations, and then one day, you somehow accidentally damaged these patches by staining them. There is no need to panic because stains on works of embroidery can be cleaned to make it good as new. Here are a few tips to show you how.

The first thing you have to do is to identify what kinds of materials were used in making the embroidered patches, the fabric and the threads. There are different kinds of threads that are often used in embroidering and these include cotton, wool, or silk. The same goes with the fabric. Knowing which of these was used in the patches would allow you to plan your stain-cleaning strategically.

For example, in removing stains from cotton, you can just easily bleach it because it can endure soaking and drying, and sometimes even direct heat. Taking stains out of wool has to be addressed differently because it is more sensitive than cotton. You can’t just apply heat on it; it can be soaked but only gently. Unlike cotton, wools can’t be bleached because it will cause permanent damages. But among the three, silk is the most volatile. Treat it with water and wash it thoroughly. Its delicate feature makes it prone to stain-damages.

There are solvents that can effectively get rid of stains, but not all solvents are ideal for all types of patches. It is also important that you test it first before directly applying it to the embroidery. Check also for colorfastness to avoid the dyes of the fabric from running. You can test it by dabbing wet cotton on the colored surfaces. If the color of one part mixes with another, it is best that you don’t wash it because it is highly possible for it to result to discoloration.

e-patches5There are different ways to treat stained embroidered patches but the most commonly used is the inexpensive process of hand washing which can be done easily in your own home. Hand washing requires mainly the use of water, but sometimes even water can cause damage to the fabric if it has minerals. It is advisable to use distilled water in this case. Clean the sink first to make sure that there are no other elements that could mix in with the fabric that could further stain it. Fill it with cold water and soak the embroidered patches in there with a mild liquid detergent. Check the labels to see if it contains perfumes and dyes, those elements can also ruin the fabric. Liquid detergent is best recommended because it will just gently pass through the fabric, taking the stain away with it as it disperses in the water.

After washing the embroidered patches, make sure that it has been rinsed thoroughly so that no amount of chemical residue would be left on the fabric. Do not squeeze or scrunch the patches the way you would usually do with other kinds of fabric or like how you dry your clothes. Simply place the patches safely in a towel and roll it before squeezing gently to get the excess water out of it. To dry the patches, lay it flat atop a towel. If the need for ironing it arises, do not apply direct heat. Place a thick towel on the ironing board followed by the patches facing down on it; cover the back of the patches with the remaining length of the towel before pressing the hot iron to minimize the heat that the patches will absorb.


Strategic Talent Management

Investing in people is a huge necessity in any working organization. Good talent management means good working output, which equally spells success for the company. This is a process to which an individual’s skills are developed to provide more efficient service to a company. Developing people from the inside of the organization is like developing one’s own army to battle. People are trained and their skills are honed so they can perform at their maximum working potentials and be an asset to company. How the staff members are trained and improve rests on the hands of the human resources team. The functions of the HR arm of an organization are hugely significant to the overall performance of the company.

talent managementIn talent management, it is important to take look into what the future might hold, or what the business may need in the coming years. Planning ahead can save tremendous amounts of time, money, and effort. The process of managing talent starts by identifying the image of the company that should be shown to the recruits. It is important to choose the identity of a company in accordance with the corporate strategy. Stating this at the beginning of the process will provide huge amounts of savings because the human resources personal’s effort is focused on a single or a specific idea.

Adapting the goals and objectives of the company is the best way of immersing hired personnel into the workforce. By using a corporate identity, the company is introduced and made known to the employees. The core values and beliefs of the organization should be transferred and passed down to the new recruits, instilling commitment in their ends. On the other hand, part of strategic human management is knowing what keeps the employees come back to work each day. Also, the HR personnel should know what drives the people to strive harder. These details can be used when creating a development scheme for the employees.

The selection process is also not a walk in the park. Based on a set of criteria or competencies set by the human resources team, decisions regarding the selection and recruitment are made. These criteria include different aspects including the previous work experiences, analytical ability, and ability to blend with the workplace. Managing the performance of an individual requires the feedback of the coaches or supervisors in addition to the different evaluation tools that may be used to assess the individual. Competencies are the basis by which a candidate can be hired or not. Specific competencies are required in the recruitment process to thoroughly evaluate the people that may be valuable for the company.

Another area that is covered under talent management is the compensation method, including the rewards and benefits provided by the company. Some organization may not be enthusiastic in giving out rewards, but providing these positive reinforcement is a way to motivate the employee to do better at their work. One of the primary reasons why people stay in a company is to satisfy the personal financial needs. Sometimes people seek for satisfaction with regard to the workplace, or satisfaction in the job. Others seek for lifestyle stability, and some others for continuous learning and growth. Improper compensation may lead to loss of human capital.

In addition, talent management may also include the development of leadership and managerial skills. These skills are proven handy in a working environment, for example in decision making situations or in daily organizational tasks. Recruits of today are best honed to be leaders of tomorrow. These people with high potentials need an effective training ground to be able to develop their skills.

Three words Commit, Engage, Excel capture the essence of employee engagement survey and intent of every engagement and talent management.


How to choose the best web hosting companies?

Today, the online world is filled with offers from various hosting groups who are claiming that they have the best services and the cheapest tools. Yet how do we know which ones are good and which ones are useless? In order to find out what are the best web hosting companies online, we will need to first evaluate them one by one. All you have to do is to check their various features and see their offers in order to know which the right one to choose is. Let us evaluate those hosting sites so that we will be able to know the right one for the job.

Evaluate the hosting site

One of the most important thingsbest web hosting companies that we need to do is to first evaluate the names for the best web hosting companies. Evaluating a hosting company’s name is pretty easy since there are various review sites available. We only need to open a review site and then read some of the comments coming from their other clients. Once you have evaluated the name of the hosting site and you have read the various comments coming from its users then you can now move on to the next step.

Check the price

Of course, you should never commit to a hosting service which is not in your price range. Imagine, you will be hosting a website that utilizes a large chunk of memory and a wide range of traffic that is basically for a large corporate type site and all you will be doing is you will be making blogs. Most hosting companies do not care whether you will be making a simple site for your family or you are going to make a torrent website, they will often charge you for the services that you do not need. Along with the additional costs for traffic and space, you will also be charged extra for hosting tools and third party apps. So, you will most likely spend more than with what you earn with the site. The key here is that you first need to check on the promotional offers and the subscription rules for your hosting service. Use only the subscription that will fit your site and be cautious when ordering an app or an added feature, such as with SEO.

Ask for their extensions

The next thing that you need to know about the best web hosting companies is that they offer all sorts of extensions. Most hosting companies only offer .jp or .au types of extensions. There are also those types of hosting companies that offer .com, .edu or .biz. The extensions for your site are very important since it will be the basis of your viewers. Most search engines, such as Google, also use a specific algorithm to pull up sites with specific extensions. Therefore, if your site extension is unknown to the public or if you are sporting a very long extension code then you will most likely have lesser viewers on your site. Remember to ask for the types of extensions that they offer before you opt in to their site.

Look for additional tools and programs

If you will be looking for the best web hosting companies then you also need to focus on tools and programs. Most sites only offer a handful of tools while others actually allow you to put on your own scripts and programs. If your site will be using WordPress, Droopal or Joomla programs, you will need a hosting site which allows those types of programs. Most sites also have additional tools for site owners such as email tools, VoIP services, management programs, FTP tools and several added features. Those tools that are provided by hosting companies will have a significant impact to the quality of your site. Therefore, you will need to choose a hosting company that offers the tools that you need for your business.


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Here at TheHostingAwards.com, we continually review and award only the best web hosting companies. Our goal is to help small businesses & entrepreneurs like yourself find and select the best web host to meet the needs of your website.


Home Safes to Secure Your Treasures

Safes can protect your valuables from two elements: robbers and fires. Breaking and entering is not an uncommon problem all around the world. The highest levels of burglary incidents were observed in the 90s. As years passed and as new security equipment and accessories were developed, the numbers decreased.

With the awareness Home Safesof burglary across the country, more and more households are using home safes for securing their prized possessions. Security systems such as sophisticated locks and CCTV cameras are used at businesses to keep their premises secure.

Household fires, on the other hand, are not as common. But when house fires come, the results can be devastating. It is not only the structure that is damaged or lost, but the things inside it as well. According to the National Fire Protection Association, there were around 356,000 house fires that happened in 2012. The total reported value of the damage in these fires was around $5.7 billion dollars. These are the incidences you have to avoid and protect yourself and your properties against.

Home safes are the most cost-effective equipment that you can have for your home security. They are designed in such a way that they will not take up space and they will be easy to access. These safes are made to store your personal belongings without the worry of them getting stolen or damaged once your house gets broken-in or a house fire occurs.

Here are some tips in looking for home safes that can help you secure your personal belongings and valuables from fires and theft:

1.Know what you want to keep safe

Not all safes will be beneficial for your personal use. Of course having a multiple-lock, fire-proof, water-proof safe can really keep your valuables protected. But safes can be very steep in their prices. Home safes are usually those that give the basic level of security without all the high tech locks and mechanisms. Knowing what you need will keep you from spending on unnecessary security systems that will make you broke before you can even store anything. These kinds of safes are designed for storing valuables like jewelry, gadgets, documents and cash. If any of these things are what you want to keep safe, then look for the basic models.

2.Know the uses

Safes are designed in different ways. Though they have similar features, most of them have variations in durability, resilience, locks and security. There are gun safes, fireproof safes, office safes and etc. These safes can be used for the home or office. Look for home safes models that suit your purposes.

3.Understand the lock and access mechanism

Whether the safe has a key combination or needs a key to open it, you have to make sure you understand how the lock mechanism works. Aside from keeping you from unintentionally breaking the lock, understanding your lock and access mechanism will allow you to assess whether the safe is indeed safe from the burglars who might try to gain access to what’s inside. For instance, specialized key combinations usually have a lockdown when the combinations are not right. This is something to consider when you want to be the primary user of the safe.

Having safes at your home will definitely help you secure your valuables and important documents. Of course, preventing a theft is a different story. You do not want to wait until something happens in your home to evaluate your security systems. With the huge number of households still being broken into and experience house fires, you can never be too careful. Find out more about what kinds of safes you should have at home and what other safety equipment you should install.


Frequently asked questions about mister

Mister is a cooling system that incorporates a spray nozzle with a pump system to produce droplets of water in the air. When these droplets come into contact with the hot air, they convert into gas and reduce the temperature significantly.

Will the misting system work in a humid climate?

The main idea behind misting systems is to be able to provide comfort during hot weather and humid climate. The system works any time there is evaporation. Remember that the more complete the evaporation the more effective it is in cooling the area. Misting fans can reduce the temperature in areas that have 80% humidity can reduce of about 10 degrees. Areas that have 40% humidity can experience as much as 35 degrees reduction.

Can an existing fan be reused in a misting system?

Yes, misting rings can be attached to your existing fans and turn them into an effective cooling system. Your fans can also be transformed into effective air movers. You will need to acquire additional pressure pump system and pressure hoses which can be attached to your existing fans. Fortunately, there fan kits which can be bought in the market.

Will the misting system make the area wet?

No. Once a mister is properly attached, the water droplets should be able to evaporate before it reaches any surface. You can also purchase a misting fan that is designed to produce a specific amount of mist so that you can customize the cooling options.

What type of maintenance is required for a misting system?

Misting systems generally require lesser amount of maintenance aside from the regular cleaning and changing of nozzle heads. You also have to change the oil after the first 50 hours of use and change it every 500 hours after the first oil change. The number of times that you need to change the filter largely depends on the water quality being used in the pump. However, regardless of the water quality, the filter cartridges should be changed once a year. Water conditioning kits are available in the market in case you experience nozzle failures.

What is better, high pressure or low pressure?

The choice between acquiring high or low pressure mister depends on your main purpose of purchasing the cooling system in the first place. High pressure cooling system can reduce the temperature by as much as 35 degrees Fahrenheit. The mister can also give you a fogging effect to your landscape. Also, a high pressure fan is more effective in evaporating water droplets.

Low pressure misting fans on the other hand is more applicable to small and indoor establishments. These fans are also generally cheaper than high pressure fans. While the low misting system do not offer the same amount of benefits as the high pressure misting fan, it is still better than having no cooling system during the summer.

How much fog does a high pressure misting fan produce?

A high pressure misting system can create a lot of fog even with the lowest nozzle misting rate. Remember that the fog can be dense especially if there is no air to circulate it. If you do not wish to create thick fog, it is better to stick with a low pressure misting fan instead.

Why is a high pressure misting system more effective in cooling the surroundings?

High pressure fans create finer water droplets which can flash evaporate quickly in the air. The more water droplets that evaporate, the cooler the air will be. More mist evaporates in a high pressure system than a low pressure one.

Is low pressure mister still worth it?

Yes. Not everyone is willing to invest in high pressure misting fans that can only be used for few months. The benefit of purchasing a low pressure misting fan is that you get the cooling effects of the mist and the fan. You can also use the system without water to properly circulate the warm air around you.

Auramist’s 30” mister is designed specifically for larger areas such as restaurants, factories, and warehouses.


Uses of Military Coins

Traditionally, military coins were used for identification purposes. Dating back to World War I, American soldiers used coins to identify themselves from which military troop unit they belonged. It was also during this time that the coin challenge started among military members.

The game was popularly known as coin check, wherein a military coins owner can challenge any fellow coin holder. If the challenged owner could not present his coin, he needs to buy a drink for the challenger. However, if the challenged owner is able to produce a coin, the challenger buys him a drink. It was a challenge that only military members understood during that time.

military coinsDuring the Vietnam War, military personnel had a similar challenge as mentioned above. They made use of ammunition to challenge other soldiers for a chance of free drinks. However, seeing that ammunition could cause accidents, military coins were used instead.

Sometime between World War I and World War II, coins were also used as a means to pass. Before military members and allies could enter scheduled meetings, they were asked to present specific coins. Each meeting would require a different coin that only legitimate members had access to. This rule was implemented to prevent spies from infiltrating military camps and meetings.

As the years passed, coin designs varied according to military ranks. Members and officers of the military were given coins throughout their service whenever they achieved a milestone. The military men also used coins to acknowledge heroic actions by their troops.

Soldiers started to have a collection of coins while serving the military. It became a source of good memories, camaraderie and stories to tell other people. Each coin had a different meaning but all coins were valued equally.

In recent years, the idea behind military coins or commonly known as challenge coins has been implemented even in non-military groups. Coins were used as a form of memorabilia. It represented the number of years a company or group has existed. It also symbolized exclusivity among organizations.

Coin designs became more complicated. Different materials can now be used to create a coin. Depending on the organization’s budget, coins can be made according to their preference. It can be made out of gold and embellished with genuine stones like diamonds and emerald. The design and size became customizable too.

Popular coin designs today include the following: 3D (3 dimensional), multi-colored, color changing and a photograph can be printed onto it too. Coin manufacturers have adapted to the needs and demands of their customers.

Organizations also use challenge coins as a token of gratitude. Instead of using traditional certificates and plaques, limited edition coins were used to show appreciation. These were presented to their officers, board of directors and benefactors.

Challenge coins were also used for fund-raising events. Organizers used coins as incentives to raise the amount they needed. For example:

• Bronze coins were awarded to donors who gave $50-$99
• Silver coins were given to donors who gave $100-$300
• Gold plated coins were presented to donors who gave $500 and above

Coins were used to motivate people to donate higher amounts. In return, organizers are able to raise the amount they need in shorter period of time. At times, they exceed their targeted amount, which is favorable for the organization.

Another innovative use for challenge coins these days is to use it as wedding souvenirs. Couples engrave or print their photo on the coin and give it as souvenirs to wedding guests. They can customize the coin according to their preference. It can include their favorite quote or symbol.

The use of military coins has changed over the years. But the meaning and value it holds has not been lost. Instead, people found ways to keep it alive and useful. They’ve incorporated coins for modern use and it fits perfectly. Coins hold memories and have lots of stories to tell. It’s considered as a collector’s item that can be passed on from one generation to the other.