Uses of Military Coins

Traditionally, military coins were used for identification purposes. Dating back to World War I, American soldiers used coins to identify themselves from which military troop unit they belonged. It was also during this time that the coin challenge started among military members.

The game was popularly known as coin check, wherein a military coins owner can challenge any fellow coin holder. If the challenged owner could not present his coin, he needs to buy a drink for the challenger. However, if the challenged owner is able to produce a coin, the challenger buys him a drink. It was a challenge that only military members understood during that time.

military coinsDuring the Vietnam War, military personnel had a similar challenge as mentioned above. They made use of ammunition to challenge other soldiers for a chance of free drinks. However, seeing that ammunition could cause accidents, military coins were used instead.

Sometime between World War I and World War II, coins were also used as a means to pass. Before military members and allies could enter scheduled meetings, they were asked to present specific coins. Each meeting would require a different coin that only legitimate members had access to. This rule was implemented to prevent spies from infiltrating military camps and meetings.

As the years passed, coin designs varied according to military ranks. Members and officers of the military were given coins throughout their service whenever they achieved a milestone. The military men also used coins to acknowledge heroic actions by their troops.

Soldiers started to have a collection of coins while serving the military. It became a source of good memories, camaraderie and stories to tell other people. Each coin had a different meaning but all coins were valued equally.

In recent years, the idea behind military coins or commonly known as challenge coins has been implemented even in non-military groups. Coins were used as a form of memorabilia. It represented the number of years a company or group has existed. It also symbolized exclusivity among organizations.

Coin designs became more complicated. Different materials can now be used to create a coin. Depending on the organization’s budget, coins can be made according to their preference. It can be made out of gold and embellished with genuine stones like diamonds and emerald. The design and size became customizable too.

Popular coin designs today include the following: 3D (3 dimensional), multi-colored, color changing and a photograph can be printed onto it too. Coin manufacturers have adapted to the needs and demands of their customers.

Organizations also use challenge coins as a token of gratitude. Instead of using traditional certificates and plaques, limited edition coins were used to show appreciation. These were presented to their officers, board of directors and benefactors.

Challenge coins were also used for fund-raising events. Organizers used coins as incentives to raise the amount they needed. For example:

• Bronze coins were awarded to donors who gave $50-$99
• Silver coins were given to donors who gave $100-$300
• Gold plated coins were presented to donors who gave $500 and above

Coins were used to motivate people to donate higher amounts. In return, organizers are able to raise the amount they need in shorter period of time. At times, they exceed their targeted amount, which is favorable for the organization.

Another innovative use for challenge coins these days is to use it as wedding souvenirs. Couples engrave or print their photo on the coin and give it as souvenirs to wedding guests. They can customize the coin according to their preference. It can include their favorite quote or symbol.

The use of military coins has changed over the years. But the meaning and value it holds has not been lost. Instead, people found ways to keep it alive and useful. They’ve incorporated coins for modern use and it fits perfectly. Coins hold memories and have lots of stories to tell. It’s considered as a collector’s item that can be passed on from one generation to the other.


Family Trips, Fun Activities, and Dubai Hotel Apartments

All work and no play can ruin your body or relationship with your family and if you are planning to take your entire family for a different kind of adventure, then it is best to occupy one of the many Dubai hotel apartments. You and your family will surely enjoy your stay in Dubai with lots of things to see and do, including shopping.

The vacation may be a bit costly than usual especially if you bring along the entire family with you, but the experience that everyone will gain is simply priceless. The bonding time that you have shared together as a family may be more precious than anything else.

Things to Do in Dubai

Hotel apartmentsShopping occupies the top spot on the list of things to do in Dubai for most visitors. Shopping centers are practically scattered everywhere in Dubai and you can haggle with the seller or the salesman and the unbelievable thing about it is that they expect their clients to do so. There are shopping festivals in Dubai that you and your family will surely enjoy. At the end of an exhausting shopping spree, it is nice to relax to your own home away from home courtesy of one of the Dubai hotel apartments.

Feel elegant as you spend some quality time in a world class golf course complete with lush green grass that you would never imagine to breed in the desert. You can also try your luck in the outrageous sport called sand golf, and be more than glad that you were able to play it when others can’t.

Take a ride in a special SUV with an experienced driver and go four wheeling on the sand dunes. It is a thrilling ride that you will never forget even if many years passed by.

Dubai has its own water park that has a distinctive traditional style that can only be described as extravagant. The Wild Wadi has various water rides and it also includes water surfing that the younger family members will surely enjoy. After such fun and exciting activities, you and your family may decide to take a break and retreat to your hotel apartment to rest for a while. Dubai hotel apartments are truly great to have around.

A creek divides Dubai in the middle and provides an opportunity to have a one of a kind cruise. The entire family will surely find the experience truly enjoyable while having a delicious meal.

Dubai has become one of the favorite destinations to include in the world tour performances of some of the most popular recording artists. While in Dubai, you may also get the chance to see them perform live. Check the local schedule for possible live appearances.

Dubai may have oceans of sand in their country, but you can enjoy skiing indoor complete with ski slope and manmade snow. The place is more than big enough to make indoor skiing possible, as well as snowboarding. Some tourists can already see it with their own eyes, but they still couldn’t believe it. You can have an uninterrupted skiing pleasure without any worries about a sudden blizzard. The entire place is safe and secure.

The streets of Dubai in the morning or the evening can provide a spectacular panorama for the eyes to behold. However, witnessing the majestic splendor of the entire area while riding a hot air balloon practically overshadowed the sight that you have seen in the streets. The whole family will never forget the time they had in Dubai for as long as they can remember.

Dubai is truly worth visiting time and again. Each return may offer you a different kind of adventure and all you really need is to go back and explore the different things that your new adventure may unfold. The Dubai hotel apartments will always welcome your stay and make you and your family feel like you are at home.


LCD Help from iPhone Repair Long Island Technicians

If you are anywhere near Long Island and the LCD of your iPhone needs repair, you do not have to travel outside your state just to get it fixed. There’s an iPhone repair Long Island technician waiting to help you with your iPhone problems. You do not have to scour the internet for advice as to how to solve the black and white screen problems of your iPhone yourself. In all likelihood, you will end up with impractical solutions because they do not seem safe and they are hard to follow especially for those who do not have technical skills. You will be better off with an iPhone repair Long Island technician who has the expertise to restore your iPhone back to its original working condition. What you have to look for is a technician who can show proof that he has the capacity to repair your phone and one who will do it at an affordable price.

iPhone RepairiPhone repair Long Island technicians are no strangers to LCD concerns of iPhone users. This is actually one of the most common problems they encounter. As such, they will most likely have parts and supplies already on-hand in case they need to replace some parts during the repair process. An LCD (short for Liquid Crystal Display) is made up of very thin sheets of specialized glass, therefore making it very fragile and very susceptible to damages due to falling or due to extreme pressure exerted on it. The LCD uses small liquid crystals, thin film transistors, and polarizers which are very important in keeping your phone or any gadget functioning properly.

Once the LCD is damaged, your gadget might start malfunctioning, and therefore you need to have your gadget repaired immediately so that you can use it again. Once you see dark spots, either big or small, then those are indications that there is a problem with your LCD and that it needs to be fixed urgently before it affects the other features of your iPhone. You do not need an expert to tell you that you will face bigger problems when your phone’s other features are affected. But, you do need an expert iPhone repair Long Island technician to fix your LCD problem. The sooner you take your phone to an expert, the better it is for you. It will also be cheaper for you to have your phone repaired when the damage is still simple.

Aside from the LCD, you might also have problems with your iPhone’s case that need expert attention. It might not be a big concern as it might not really affect the way your phone is working. When you think about it, however, wouldn’t you want your iPhone to stay looking like you’ve just taken it out of the box? The reality is that many people buy iPhones because of the way it looks. It has become a status symbol. You do not want to ruin its look with case defects and damages. As you are already having your LCD problems taken care of, you might want the technician to do some polishing on your iPhone’s case as well. They can remove dents and scratches from your iPhone’s surface.

iPhone repair Long Island technicians can offer you expert services at an affordable price. You can be assured of efficiency and quality in their repair services. You can stop worrying that you might not be able to use your iPhone anymore because of minor damages. It will be in your best interest to take your phone to an expert for repairs right away. Don’t wait until it is too late. Gets information about the different iPhone repair services available to you so you can keep your phone working in top condition all the time? Find a repair technician who can help you within a moment’s notice and who can restore your iPhone in the fastest time and most affordable price possible.


Live Chat and Chat Routing for Major IT Companies

With how chat routing promotes better management of the workplace, major IT companies would see improvements in their operations. Especially if they’re looking at a business expansion, taking a moment to arrange how they handle communication gives them an idea of how their desired progress can be achieved. In a few years’ time and provided they are open to ideas of making innovative changes, their aim to grow in size or to have multiple branches across the U.S. is a possibility.

What Is Live Chat Routing?

live chatLive chat routing is the process of strategically directing clients to technical support agents. Though it is commonly mistaken as simply the technique of transferring workload to a random position, it is more complex. As it is focused on unifying everybody involved in the business based on availability and skill, the overall efficiency is improved.

What Is the Purpose of Live Chat Routing?

The primary purpose of live chat routing is to have more clients accommodated accordingly. Major IT companies need to pay attention to what these people have on their minds. Otherwise, positive ratings from the other end won’t be given. In the IT industry, having a reputation for being trust-worthy is important. This way, everybody, especially potential business partners, won’t hesitate to begin investing in their services.

Live Chat Routing Types: Automatic Chat Routing & Manual Chat Routing

• Automatic Chat Routing

With automatic chat routing, a system decides which messages and calls are transferred to agents that are available. The routing is done based on the agents’ status. If they aren’t busy and are free to offer their assistance, they will be acknowledged for it. Should they have it stated that they are able to accept clients, they will immediately be sent to handle one.

• Manual Chat Routing

It is a bit time-consuming but as it promises smooth exchanges, manual chat routing is advantageous for major IT companies. Unlike automatic chat routing, it doesn’t employ the routing depending on agents’ availability. Rather, it does the job by assigning clients to specific agents who specialize in a specific concern.
Who Benefits from Live Chat Routing?

• Agents

IT agents benefit from live chat routing. Should messages and calls only be assigned to them based on how many they can currently handle, they won’t be prone to committing errors brought about by doing their jobs in haste. With fewer loads to attend to, they become focused on entertaining clients’ specific concerns and they may respond better by proposing the most effective solutions. As they are able to concentrate, they can be more functional in resolving certain issues.

• Companies

As operations go smoothly and work flow significantly improves, major companies intend to make it big in the IT industry benefit from live chat and chat routing. With better management, their businesses are likely to generate higher income. Also, as their customers are always satisfied, receiving great commentaries on how they run their team won’t be surprising.

• Clients

Clients of major IT companies benefit from live support routing as they are privileged to always get their say. Even when their complaints seem minor, having an outlet for voicing these out allows them to sort out their issues. If they are able to be accommodated professionally, matters will be made clear. As a result, easily resolving problems isn’t out of the picture.


Advantages of Having a Top Quality Utah DUI Lawyer

Imprisonment, fines, suspension of driver’s license, and having a permanent record are just some of the consequences of being charged and having been convicted with DUI. That is why you need to have a top quality lawyer to take your case. When your liberty is threatened due to an arrest involving DUI, you would want the best person to enlighten you of the consequences of your arrest and to put up the best defense. As such, here are the advantages of having a top quality Utah DUI Lawyer:

He can help you avoid imprisonment and lower your fines

lawThe topmost priority of your lawyer should be to keep you from getting in jail. Depending upon the facts and the peculiar circumstances of your case, your lawyer will analyze which is your best remedy. If dismissal of your case cannot be made, your lawyer will weigh which strategy would work well for you. Sometimes a plea bargain is more appropriate while there are instances when engaging in a full blown trial is a best course to take. Either way, the primary interest of your lawyer is to keep you from spending jail time.

It gives you an access to your lawyer’s profound knowledge of DUI law

A top quality Utah DUI Lawyer has a thorough background of what the applicable statutes and court procedures are that could work to your advantage. Furthermore, he knows the latest jurisprudence that can be applied to your case. He can file the appropriate motions at the proper time when he is knowledgeable of the criminal justice process. Time is of the essence in making motions in court because when they are not filed in time, you lose your chance of filing them. Furthermore, he can check your documents and see if there are inaccuracies or loopholes that can have a bearing on your case.

Your top quality Utah DUI Lawyer can help keep you have a clean record

A clean record is what you want especially for those who are first time offenders. He will evaluate your case and find out if you are qualified for an expungement such that your offense will not be reflected on your driving records. Having a record of DUI arrest and charge does have an impact especially when it comes to finding certain jobs. Some employers look with disfavor a person who has criminal records hence you would want to keep your records clean as much as possible.

Gathering your evidence will not be a problem

Your top quality Utah DUI Lawyer will gather all necessary pieces of evidence that are material to your defense. This includes research and data gathering which you ordinarily cannot accomplish alone. This will keep you calm knowing that you will not miss out on any relevant evidence that could work to your advantage. In relation to this, he will also be able to critically examine the evidence presented by the prosecution and will be able to correctly challenge it in court.

Having said the above advantages, knowing that you have a top quality Utah DUI Lawyer will keep you from getting stressed. You will not have to worry so much of having your driver’s license suspended or revoked or be held in jail. Your lawyer will be able to enlighten you of your case. This will keep you composed and calm throughout the process.

The Utah DUI Lawyer at Sharifi & Baron have the experience and dedication to fight hard for their clients accused of a crime.


Finding a Reliable Debt Settlement Company

At some point in the lives of debtors and credit card owners, paying off debts may seem like it’s impossible. When debt figures get out of control, only a reliable debt settlement company can lift you up from a financial crisis.

Nowadays, scams and fraud committed by some debt settlement companies are frequent in headlines and news. This only shows how many troubled debtors are willing to trust and pay for the services of any debt settlement company. Most of the time, anxiety gets in the way of wise-decision making, and debtors find themselves cheated on by a fraudulent company.

Given the mushrooming of “reliable” debt settlement companies, it is sometimes difficult to tell whether they can be trusted or not. But if debtors will be wise enough to find a reliable debt settlement company and not simply accept offers, the rewards will be worthwhile.

Make sure the company is accredited

Debt settlementNot every company “kind enough” to extend a hand to you is indeed accredited and licensed. Projecting professionalism and sweeping you away with business-talk can make you too confident with a company.

When deciding to avail the service of a particular debt settlement company, check first if they are accredited and licensed. Self-proclamation alone is insufficient. Companies like CuraDebt are accredited by The Association of Settlement companies and recognized by The Chamber Of Commerce.

Make a computation of costs and expenses

Debt settlement companies charge fees for negotiations and transactions. While some charge costly, there are others like CuraDebt that can offer affordable services. Before making a deal for debt settlement, you should ask for rates and charges first, before signing up and availing their service.

Remember that you are already in a financial crisis; don’t make your situation dwindle all the more by signing up for debt settlement when you know you can’t afford it. Make a computation of costs and ask for assessment (if available and free) before forwarding into a business deal.

Make sure that they can offer you Guarantee

Do not be too excited and confident upon availing the service of a debt settlement company; success isn’t 100% sure, and your financial risk is not fully subdued yet. But in case your company was not able to do anything for you, make sure that they really care for you and have a Plan B available.

Reliable debt settlement companies should offer you money-back guarantee or at least partial reimbursement, if the negotiations turned out to be in vain. When this concludes that you have no choice but to file for bankruptcy, reliable debt settlement companies should have bankruptcy assistance available.

Remember, a debt settlement company is supposed to lift you up and save you from your crisis, not add additional worries to your financial life. By making sure that the company is reliable first, you can improve your situation and settle your accounts.


How Much Should You Pay Your SEO Company?

The services of an SEO company SEO Companyare the services that you will heavily rely on to make your business competitive online. Essentially, you are looking to get the top spot in the search engines like Google, and if that is not possible at the moment, you are at least looking to be on the first page of the search engine results page using your keywords.

SEO company services are priced according to the products that you avail. If you are considering SEO consultants based on price tags, here is an overview of payment packages SEO companies of varying sizes normally offer.

Fixed Prices on Contract Services:

If you are testing the waters before you make long-term commitments with an SEO company, this payment method is most likely appealing. Contract services at fixed prices normally include article writing ($.10 to .50 per word), social media optimization setup ($500-$3000), and link profile audit ($500-$7500). You can mix and match the services that you want, or you can get one or two of the products offered.

Project-Based Services:

Since there is a wide range of possible projects or campaigns that can be done for your website, the price may vary according to the complexity and span of the project. Most projects would cost $1000 and up, so make sure that you choose these services wisely.

Hourly Rates:

If you do not want to hire an SEO professional fulltime, you can avail consultants instead on an hourly basis. These consultants can be a bit pricey though, as their compensation range is somewhere between $100 and $300 per hour. Availing hourly packages is beneficial if you are looking for optimization ideas and you have workers under your wing that are willing to actualize them.

Monthly Retainers:

Retainers are considered to be the most practical payment packages you can get at this side of the business, but as they imply, it means that you are going to work with an SEO company for longer periods of time. The amount you may be required to pay is based on the range of services an SEO company may offer and the number of people it can allow to work on your optimization needs. Small SEO companies often charge at the lower end of the payment spectrum, but that is because they may not be able to commit to do as much work as larger and more efficient companies. However, your decision could depend on the amount of optimization your brand and website. Arguably, smaller companies can work with less SEO demands, and companies that have more franchises and wide range of products and services may need a much larger SEO company. Essentially, businesses pay a range of $2500-$5000 for monthly retainer packages.


Don’t Be Overwhelmed With The Large Number Of SEO Tools

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seo1Interested in finding how business owners are able to send superb emails and get so many responses, you may want to check out a variety of SEO tools. There are countless tools available and most of them are free.

One realm of SEO tools involves email marketing. For those newcomers in the business world, email marketing is basically marketing your commercial message directly to potential customers using email. With so many people going online, you definitely need to go along with this new technology.

Email marketing is a broad term. It is typically referred to as sending email messages to encourage repeat customers, sending messages with the hopes of getting new customers and adding any advertisement or announcing any upcoming sales events.

One of the SEO tools you can use to coming up with productive email marketing is MailChimp. It is a relatively new concept that over three million people are using in order to design, send and track email messages and newsletters.

It does not matter if you are a business owner or self-employed. Anyone can use this tool and it can promote your products and services, increase your sales, attract new customers and possibly make a profit. Owning a business is extremely difficult and becoming a success is even tougher. You should take advantage of any free online marketing tools.

Email marketing is a good way to start. You will probably find other SEO tools that can be beneficial to your business needs. Any little bit can help you in the long run. You should not give up on your dream to become a successful business owner.