How Much Should You Pay Your SEO Company?

The services of an SEO company SEO Companyare the services that you will heavily rely on to make your business competitive online. Essentially, you are looking to get the top spot in the search engines like Google, and if that is not possible at the moment, you are at least looking to be on the first page of the search engine results page using your keywords.

SEO company services are priced according to the products that you avail. If you are considering SEO consultants based on price tags, here is an overview of payment packages SEO companies of varying sizes normally offer.

Fixed Prices on Contract Services:

If you are testing the waters before you make long-term commitments with an SEO company, this payment method is most likely appealing. Contract services at fixed prices normally include article writing ($.10 to .50 per word), social media optimization setup ($500-$3000), and link profile audit ($500-$7500). You can mix and match the services that you want, or you can get one or two of the products offered.

Project-Based Services:

Since there is a wide range of possible projects or campaigns that can be done for your website, the price may vary according to the complexity and span of the project. Most projects would cost $1000 and up, so make sure that you choose these services wisely.

Hourly Rates:

If you do not want to hire an SEO professional fulltime, you can avail consultants instead on an hourly basis. These consultants can be a bit pricey though, as their compensation range is somewhere between $100 and $300 per hour. Availing hourly packages is beneficial if you are looking for optimization ideas and you have workers under your wing that are willing to actualize them.

Monthly Retainers:

Retainers are considered to be the most practical payment packages you can get at this side of the business, but as they imply, it means that you are going to work with an SEO company for longer periods of time. The amount you may be required to pay is based on the range of services an SEO company may offer and the number of people it can allow to work on your optimization needs. Small SEO companies often charge at the lower end of the payment spectrum, but that is because they may not be able to commit to do as much work as larger and more efficient companies. However, your decision could depend on the amount of optimization your brand and website. Arguably, smaller companies can work with less SEO demands, and companies that have more franchises and wide range of products and services may need a much larger SEO company. Essentially, businesses pay a range of $2500-$5000 for monthly retainer packages.

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